Timber Bifold Doors Melbourne

Product Description
Bi-fold doors open up your home within seconds for ultimate in indoor/outdoor entertaining. Bi-fold doors can be hinged on either side of the frame, and come with a variety of options including the number of panels, type of timber, and glazing. Corner options are also available for bi-fold timber doors. Melbourne home-owners love this beautiful, flexible option.
Available Sizes
Bi-fold timber doors are available in a wide range of sizes and configurations. Standard sizes vary from:
2100, 2400 and 2700 high and 2100 to 5900 wide.
We also specialise in non-standard custom sizes. Contact our friendly staff to discuss your specific needs, and to obtain a quote.
Available Finishes
Timber doors are available in many finishes and timber options.
Meranti, Kiln Dried Hardwood (KDHW), Raw, Stained, Primed etc.
If you don’t see the finish you’re looking for, please contact our friendly staff to discuss your specific needs.
Timber Bi-Fold Doors Melbourne

Why Choose T&B For Your Bifold Doors?

Looking for the best bi-fold doors Melbourne has to offer? We specialise in supplying custom bi-fold doors to enhance your home, opening up new indoor-outdoor living spaces that didn’t exist before. Stylish, elegant and incredibly functional, these doors boost the overall value and look of your home.

By adding patio doors to your home, you can expand your entertaining space and impress your guests. At T&B, our speciality is timber bifold doors so you know you’re getting the best in the business.

If you’re after quality timber bi-folds, Melbournians should look no further than T&B Discount Windows.

Folding In Or Out Bifold Doors Available

Our bifold doors can be supplied in a folding-in or folding-out format. Folding in can be a great benefit where you want to maximise the outside available area, but folding out variations might be better if your indoor space is more limited.

To enquire, give us a call on
1300 075 038 or contact us here for more information about our range.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are bifold doors or sliding doors better?

Bifold doors have the advantage of being able to fold completely back, opening up your space to be an indoor-outdoor room. However, sliding doors have more flexibility as they can be opened slightly to allow for controlled ventilation. Sliding doors can also allow for larger windows and less framing that blocks the view outside. Ultimately it is up to you to decide which suits your lifestyle, wants and needs.

Do bifold doors make the room cold or hot?

Bifold doors are great thermal insulators and if sealed and installed correctly, maintain room temperature very well. The large windows can help warm up a room also by allowing more sunshine in. So in conclusion, bifold doors actually make a room warmer! If you are concerned about them making a room too warm, you can add blinds to help shade the sun in the warmer months.

Do bifold doors add value to your house?

Yes, bifold doors do add value to your house! Some experts estimate bifold doors can add 5-10% to the sale value of a house due to their aesthetic, functional uses and ability to let more light in.

How long do bifold doors last?

You can expect your bifold doors to last around 45 years. Their aluminium and timber construction make them extremely durable!

Are bifold doors draughty?

When sealed correctly, bifold doors let in the same amount of wind as other patio doors. In some situations, bifold doors let in less draught as they are sealed better than other doors.

How burglar-proof are bifold doors?

Most bifold doors have a multi-point locking system, which means in most cases they are safer than a regular door with one lock.

Do bifold doors fold flat on the wall?

Bifold doors fold in the opposite direction to the frame but fold compactly at the end of the rail. If you need a door that takes up the least space but opens fully then stacking doors may be the best solution for you.

Can you open just one door on a bifold door?

Most bifold doors have the functionality of opening just one door. You can do this by only unlocking the door at the end of the bifold. This means you can easily go outside without having to unlock all locks and can enjoy a controlled airflow.

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