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For budget-friendly timber doors, Melbourne’s T&B Discount Windows is your local one-stop shop. We offer timber doors at competitive prices from our range of new frames and surplus stock. We also supply a wide range of products including French Doors, Bifold Doors, Stacking Doors and Sliding Doors giving you many options to choose from.

With our expertise in door types, we can recommend the best style of timber door for your needs. As always, T&B Discount Windows delivers premium products at low prices.

Our Timber Door Ranges

Sliding Doors

Timber sliding doors are functional and a compliment to any home. Available in a wide range of sizes and configurations, including corner and stacking sliding doors, they offer a clever solution for today’s modern style of alfresco living. In addition to doors in a range of standard measurement doors, we also provide custom-sizing for those with particular requirements.

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Stacking Doors

Our timber stacking doors give you the option to segment your doorway into multiple sections, allowing you for open plan living throughout the seasons. Our range is perfect to complement a view with full length glass and seamless transitions to outside areas. We have a selection of non-standard custom sizes and finishes available via quote.

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Bi-Fold Doors

The perfect lifestyle solution for your alfresco living space, timber bi-fold doors offer design and functional excellence in a stunning modern style. If you want seamless indoor/outdoor living in the summer months to match a beautiful wooden colour palette, make bi-fold timber doors top of your list.

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French Doors

Timber French doors are a stylish and practical alternative to suit both modern and older style homes. French doors can be supplied in open-in or open-out configurations to meet your specific requirements, and are available with options such as large glass expanses, or a variety of colonial bar configurations.

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Entry Frames

Timber Entry Frames are a popular, stylish and practical choice for any age of home. Melbourne homes and offices can rely on T&B for both modern and classic-look frames to suit their needs. New frames can be supplied in open-in or open-out configurations to meet your specific requirements. We carry an extensive range of surplus entry frames.

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Why Choose Timber Doors?

Timber Doors Have A Lifespan Of Over 50 Years

Superior in durability than many other materials, modern timber doors, if treated correctly, will last generations. Our durable timber doors have highly robust structures with a large strength-to-weight ratio, making them suitable for almost any location!

Timber Doors Provide A Classy Entrance Aesthetic

Timber doors from T&B Discount Windows evoke a sense of class thanks to their wooden construction. A major advantage timber doors have over their uPVC equivalents, is their ability to be customisable without the need to remove the entire panel. Timber’s ability to be coated means that when you feel like your door needs a facelift, it’s easy to repaint it to any desired colour.

Timber Has Low Thermal Conductivity And Is A Great Insulator

While uPVC and aluminium entrance styles rely on multi-layered cores, internal chambers, and other design elements to provide high levels of insulation, timber doors do this naturally.

Timber Requires Minimal Maintenance

Back in the day timber door panels would require a large amount of effort to look after. Varnishing the timber, coating and painting it are all things of the past with the modern timber doors available at T&B Discount Windows. All you need to do is a simple touch up approximately every 6 years, and your timber doors will continue to look amazing for years to come.

Timber Is Environmentally Sustainable

Timber products are scientifically proven to reduce the amount of CO2 in the air, so you are reducing your household carbon emissions. Plus, timber doors are renowned for being recyclable and low waste, offcuts of timber doors we supply can be used for many other applications.


Budget-Friendly Timber Doors

But don’t just take our word for it – you are invited to visit our showroom in Kilsyth to see our fantastic range of timber doors for yourself!

Alternatively, visit our Surplus Stock page to find unbeatable bargains on some of our timber door stock. Competitively-priced, T&B Discount Windows is the budget-friendly option for those needing timber doors.

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