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Product Description

The timeless character of the double-hung window has made it one of the most popular window choices available. Ideal for both traditional and contemporary homes, the double-hung window provides the ultimate ventilation control, allowing you to direct air through the top, bottom, or both sashes.

Available Sizes

Double Hung windows are available in a wide range of sizes and configurations. Standard sizes vary from:

1050 to 2400 high and 650 to 2700 wide.

We also specialise in non-standard custom sizes, contact our friendly staff here to discuss your specific needs, and to obtain a quote.

Available Finishes

Timber windows are available in many finishes and timber options including meranti, kiln-dried hardwood (KDHW), cedar, primed wood and more.

Contact our friendly staff to discuss your specific needs if the finish you are looking for is not listed.

What is a double hung window?

Double hung windows have two operable window sashes that can move up or down. These sashes make it easier to control airflow in your home, as you can open the window from the bottom or the top as needed.

Where are double hung windows used?

Double hung windows are suitable for tall windows where the height is taller than the width. Since the window remains flush with the wall, these window types are great for small spaces like hallways, decks and small rooms.

Benefits of double hung windows:

Our timber double hung windows are consistently popular among our customers because of their ageless quality. As well as allowing more ventilation, they are suitable for both new and older homes, by adding a traditional touch to contemporary designs and emphasising the classic look of older buildings.

Double-hung windows are easier to clean as you can move both sashes, allowing you to clean both sides.


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